Eleven Point River Conservancy

Kurt Homeyer
Board of Directors - Vice President
Kurt is lifelong Missouri resident with his roots in the farm country of Gasconade County, MO. Growing up his family moved frequently throughout the state, finally settling in the Northern Ozarks near Salem. Like many rural Missouri kids, Kurt's father taught him to love and appreciate the outdoors from an early age. He gained a passion for hunting and fishing and spent most of his free time as a youth and teenager roaming the wooded hills and clear streams of the Ozarks.

After high school Kurt worked as a carpenter in St. Louis and in Salem until being called for duty during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. After the Army was finished with him Kurt got a real estate brokers license and worked selling real estate until 1997. In 97 he decided to pursue, full time, a degree in Biology in the hopes that he could find a job that would allow him to spend more time in the Ozark hinterlands. In 2001 his wish became reality when he was hired by The Nature Conservancy as the Manager of Private Landowner Relations in the Van Buren, MO office. In 2005 Kurt will become Current River Project Director for TNC based out of Van Buren.

Kurt and his wife Stephanie were married in 1991 and have two wonderful daughters, Jessica was born in 1992 and Elizabeth followed in 95. Like his father, Kurt is teaching his children to share his love of the out-of-doors. Jessica is a skilled deer hunter and fisherman and both girls are avid archers. Kurt and Stephanie each enjoy teaching their daughters the joy and wonder nature provides. They share in harvesting many wild edibles and work together to turn their rewards into wonderful meals and desserts. The family enjoys picnicking, hiking, camping, floating the many Ozark streams and visiting family and friends.

Kurt joined EPRC's Board of Directors in October 2004 and became Vice-President in October 2005.

Steve Paes
Board of Directors
Steve is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a BS in Forestry. He has worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation since 1990 as the Resource Forester for Ripley and Oregon Counties.

His duties as a forester for MDC include managing approximately 15,000 acres of state owned land, including Birch Creek Conservation Area in the watershed of the Eleven Point River. A lot of his time is spent with private landowners evaluating their properties and providing advice on forest management. A third major program area is wildfire suppression. Steve has helped control almost 600 forest fires and is part of a national Incident Management Team that evaluates wilderness fires to determine the level of suppression needed, if any.

Some of his job duties fall in the category of “I can not believe I am being paid to do this”. These have included monitoring bald eagle nests, canoeing the Eleven Point River for Swainson warbler surveys, caving, and snorkeling scenic rivers for hellbender surveys.

Steve lives in Doniphan with his son and youngest daughter, his oldest daughter and son-in-law also lives in Doniphan. He is the newest member of the Board of Directors, joining in 2008.

Kevin Kriewall
Board of Directors
Kevin is a graduate of the University of Missouri - Rolla with a BS in Civil Engineering. He has over twenty years of experience in the design and management of highway construction projects. Kevin and his family have visited the Eleven Point River for many years. Kevin coachs soccer and works on conservation projects near his home in Oklahoma.

Kevin has been a frequent visitor to the Eleven Point River since 1990. Kevin and Cheryl started bringing their girls camping soon after the girls learned to walk.

Kevin is one of the founding members of the Board of Directors, and served as Vice-President between March 2003 and October 2005.

John Bird
Board of Directors - Secretary/Treasurer
John graduated from the University of Missouri - Rolla with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Since then he has worked as an engineer for 12 years and taught high school physics for 5 years. In 1989 John bought land near Riverton, in the Eleven Point River watershed, and moved to the Riverton area in 2003. Since 1982 he has explored the river and its watershed with hiking and canoeing trips including a canoe trip from Thomasville, Missouri to Black Rock, Arkansas. John has also studied land surveying, as well as edible and medicinal wild plants, tracking, and other wilderness skills.

John is one of the founding board members and has served as Secretary since EPRC incorporated in October 2002. He has also filled the Treasurer's role since May 2005.
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